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So, what is Oast and Honey?  Oats and Honey is my place for all things pregnancy motherhood, and the babies that come along with it!  Motherhood is totally new to me, definitely uncharted territory to say the least- and I think there is no one better to share my experiences with than my favorite Chocolate Broccoli readers!

Follow me, week by week, as my belly (and cravings!) grow- and learn how this dietitian deals with her journey to becoming a mother of twin baby girls!  Thats right, I’ve got baby girls x 2 in this belly

I revealed to my sweet friends this past weekend with special baby girl cuppy cakes- and how fun it was to see their reaction.  No one, including myself thought that I would be carrying two baby girls!  I thought for sure I had at least one boy in there somewhere! 

So here’s to the beginnings of my journey with you and my sweet baby girls- nothing sweeter in life than that!


  1. Tyrrell Taplin says:

    Amber I stumbled across your website because I was looking for some recipes as I just lost 50 pounds…And then I was reading and reading and came across this exciting news!!!! I’m soo thrilled for you and your husband..Words can’t express how excited I am for you guys. I have twin girls so if you need any advice, just let me know!!!!! Well let my wife know…Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!

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